Services Offered

ABYA Members are industry professionals and will provide advice and assistance with:

  • The type of boat that is best for you
  • Negotiation following the survey findings
  • Title documentation
  • VAT evidence
  • RCD requirements
  • Finance - obtaining a loan
  • Finance - paying off an outstanding loan on completion of the sale
  • Acting as stakeholder for the deposit using a designated Client Account
  • Closure or transfer of British Registration (Part 1)
  • Completion of the sale and payment of the balance to the vendor

Help with purchasing

If you are buying, perhaps privately, and want a broker to deal with the paperwork for you to ensure you have all the right title documentation, many of them will offer this as a consultancy service for a negotiated fee.

Charter management

Brokers and Agents who work in superyachts often provide charter and crew management services.