Becoming a member

ABYA members benefit from:

  • The broad range of knowledge within the membership, which can be shared either individually or via training events;
  • The opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals;
  • Links with insurers, lawyers and finance houses;
  • The ongoing contract with the MCA for registration measurement surveys;
  • Links with the YDSA for small commercial vessel coding requirements;
  • Bi-monthly newsletters providing varied information on events within the industry, new technologies, etc
  • A range of standard documents for the sale/purchase and listing of boats;
  • Access to a knowledgeable secretariat.

ABYA Professional Brokerage Course

Attendance on this two-day, intensive course, held three times each year, provides a route to membership for any delegate working as a broker and holding appropriate PI insurance. This membership is FREE for the first year (conditions apply).

More information

The Association is managed by the ABYA Committee, made up of ABYA members, which meets 3/4 times a year to look at matters affecting members, including areas such as reviewing the standard documentation. Several members of the ABYA Committee sit on the joint Management Board with YDSA members, known as YBDSA Council, which oversees policy and management decisions, and staff and property matters.

Partner organisations offer complementary services to the membership of ABYA, such as marine insurance, law, finance or in technical areas. See our Associates page on our sister YBDSA website


Experienced brokers and agents can apply to join ABYA by submitting a sales file that shows they understand the processes involved in professional boat sales. New entrants into the business can take the ABYA Professional Brokerage Course, usually while working in a brokerage or yacht sales office.

Once in membership, you will be required to maintain your legal and technical knowledge and skills through a process of Continuous Professional Development.

Applying for membership

Practising brokers, dealers or new boat sales agents can request a membership pack from the ABYA office, which will include details of documentation required, PI insurance information etc.

Those coming new to brokerage should look at our Professional Yacht Brokerage Course. Attendance on this two-day, intensive course, held three times each year, gives the option of membership to any delegate working as a broker who can submit a complete sales file and holding appropriate PI insurance. This membership is FREE for the first year.

Re-election is available to those who have been out of membership for some time and wish to rejoin.

There are 3 grades of membership – Probationary (for those who take up the free one year following the Professional Yacht Brokerage course); Accredited and Full. In addition, members' services to the Association can be recognised with the award of Fellow or Honorary Membership.

Members are encouraged to upgrade to Full Member after suitable experience as an Accredited Member. Experienced brokers/agents may apply for membership as a Full Member.