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By joining De Valk you will gain a competitive advantage allowing you to list more yachts and at a profitable commission and will save time and money on running your brokerage.

We provide the tools for you to be successful.

De Valk

We are a family owned European brokerage house with professional yacht brokers operating in the market of both sailing and motor yachts between 40 and 140 feet since 1947, with a special super yacht division, a network of new yacht sales, charter and insurance activities and yacht management services.

Competitive advantage

To attract and commit yacht sellers, you need to be able to show that you are better than your competitor. As a De Valk yacht broker you will be able to inform prospective sellers that you are part of professional network, a full service brokerage with a strong brand and long history, with a portfolio of hundreds of yachts for sale, and thousands of yachts sold.

Marketing tools

We have been investing in our brand since 1947 and from 2009 onwards we have focused primarily on internet and direct marketing. This can be used to great advantage in listing yachts and finding buyers.

According to Google analytics we receive an average of 3.424 sessions (visits) a day to our site, making it by far the most visited of any brokerage.

We register 10 new buying clients a day and the database holds 9.200 clients looking for a yacht. At De Valk we call this Search Profile technology. Everyday a match is made between profiles and yachts and as a result clients are emailed the yacht details automatically.

Yacht details are exported automatically to over 50 yachting sites.

De Valk newsletters go out to 23.000 clients (filtered email addresses).

We make significant investments in Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO). Advertise using Google adwords and remarketing.

We believe in a strong social media presence and actively maintain Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

In short, we reach a lot of potential buyers and sellers, substantially more than our competitors.

Back office

You will get full access to the De Valk system through Remote Desktop Technology, giving access to Microsoft Office, De Valk CRM, and more from anywhere in the world. Updates, new releases, anti virus software, backups, development of the CRM, are all included.

The internet site, social media, brochures, business cards, advertising are all developed and updated continuously by De Valk.

Knowledge base

You will be able to access the extensive legal and industry knowledge we have built up over 60 years. We will provide you with approved sales documents and contracts and procedures to ensure that sales are closed efficiently and effectively. All sales will make use of our Escrow account giving buyers and sellers peace of mind.

You will be able to discuss deals, pricing, tactics, and our passion, yachting, just for fun, with all the other De Valk yacht brokers. You will be able to follow inhouse training.


We work on a commission basis only which ensures that we all have the same goal, which is to sell as many yachts as possible.

We want you to be part of a professional and successful team of respected brokers.

Mattijs van Baalen
Managing Director