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YBDSA Newsletter April 2014

April Newsletter 2014
April is traditionally the month when boat sales pick up, with Easter as the pivotal point.  However, sales are still proving difficult to bring to fruition with clients seemingly unwilling to commit.

We are working to get to the bottom of the issue regarding registration or authorisation with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and problems with setting up new client accounts. Hopefully, it will all become clearer as the FCA only became the authorisation body on 1 April.

The ABYA Conference on 21 May is going to look at a range of issues with speakers from HMRC, Trading Standards, Hill Dickson solicitors and we have invited the FCA to step up the plate – at the time of writing we have not had a response.

The joint objective of increasing the visibility and credibility of ABYA andYDSA Members to the world is a key one for the committees and Council. We are looking at this in relation to large yachts, the offshore industry and better understanding of our industry by the FCA. The Maritime Labour Convention continues to challenge the Certifying Authorities.

Best wishes for a profitable season

Jane Gentry
Chief Executive Officer of YBDSA, ABYA and YDSA

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