YBDSA Newsletter | Issue: February 2021

Published: 16 February 21

A Message from our Membership Coordinator
Lallie Wadham:

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all our members.
Firstly, please let me introduce myself as your new Membership Coordinator. I joined the association at the end of November 2020 and have taken over from Alex Gersbach. I’m sure you’ll all join me in thanking Alex for her service and wishing her all the best for her future endeavours.

Despite working from home, myself and The Glassworks team are easily contactable and have been busy planning a very exciting 2021. Those of you who attended our Zoom AGMs in recent weeks will have seen a glimpse of the year ahead, and the benefits to existing and new members. I welcome you all to get in touch if you have any queries at Lallie@ybdsa.co.uk

New Members

From our November 2020 assessments, congratulations and a warm welcome to the following successful new and upgrading members:
Paul Zubillaga (YDSA Trainee Member)
Tako van Ineveld (YDSA Affiliate Member)
Petar Vrvilo (YDSA Affiliate)
Doug Ashley (Engineer Affiliate Member)
Mike Pope (YDSA Affiliate Member)
Matthew Grant (ABYA Accredited Member)


It is with great regret that we announce the death of Bill McGregor, a long-standing member since 1988. The association sends its deepest sympathy to his family.


The Breakfast Exchange

Taking place on the first Tuesday of every month, we will alternate attendance between ABYA and YDSA. The 2nd of March will be exclusive for the YDSA. Starting at 08:30 the Zoom link is available through your Members Area. If you need help accessing this area, please email Events@ybdsa.co.uk

YDSA Chairman John Hamilton will be hosting the event to help delivery and guidance of discussions.

Members are invited to share any concerns surrounding their industry in this open forum and gain guidance and advice from fellow members for support.  If you have concerns that you’d like for our team to raise on your behalf please email these to Membership Coordinator Lallie@ybdsa.co.uk

Attendee's of the Brokers Breakfast exchange stated that the event was "very helpful" in helping with industry-based concerns or issues they had and that networking with other members was very "beneficial" to help resolve these queries.

This is an opportunity to not only get help from fellow members but to let us know how we can help you as your association.

Save this to your calendar to get the link & reminder 

Outlook Calendar *

*Please note that all attendee's are vetted before entry as this is strictly MEMBERS ONLY



Enjoy our range of Spring Webinars starting March 9th. Supported by a host of external speakers, we have a range of subjects ranging from understanding how to Invest Ethically with Chase De Vere to learning the latest developments in ocean marine safety presented by Ocean Safety.

Each webinar is due to start at 19:00 and will last approx. 1 hour ending with a Q&A session so you can gain the full support of our chosen keynote speakers.

Expand your knowledge this spring and join us across 4 weeks of unmissable expert training!

9th March – Spring Webinar: Ocean Safety

17th March – Spring Webinar: Hybrid Marine

31ST March – Spring Webinar: Investing Ethically with Chase De Vere

If you’d like more of this, see our other Courses and Events!
If you have any questions about the above or any other events please email events@ybdsa.co.uk




If you weren’t able to make the Winter Webinars, we hosted in December then you’re in luck as they are now available through your ABYA/YDSA Academy Portals. We had amazing feedback from the first batch of webinars were members not only appreciated the content and deliver but to be able to participate in training from the comfort of their own home.

(Click the course name to buy you’re recording!)

HULL WRAPPING - learn how to inspect a vessel that has been wrapped either above the waterline, below the waterline or both and understand the ability to customize any boat to any colour or pattern. Understand the benefits of hull wrapping vs antifoul.

WORKING TOGETHER - Sophie Kemp and Julian Smith talk about their experiences of working together and how the different sectors can learn from each other and support each other in each other’s work. These two industry professions quite often approach the same task from different perspectives and whilst always trying to work in the best interests of the clients, this doesn’t always mean that they work in harmony all of the time.

BREXIT  This webinar covers; ‘The terms of use for temporary stays in some of the EU flag states' 'What licence you should be looking at if you’re planning on staying for extended periods' 'How Cabotage Flag States regulations will affect trade & travel' 'Seafarers Qualifications & The Returned Goods Relief'

INTRODUCTION TO YACHT PAINT DEFECTS & FAILURES - Presented by Matthew Pots Yacht Technical support Specialist who has been working at AkzoNobel.  Split into 3 parts; part 1 is general paint defects and measuring equipment’s, Part 2 is top 5 below the waterline paint defects and failures, and Part 3 will explain the top 5 Brightwork / Varnish defects and failures.

INTRODUCTION TO YACHT PAINT - Hosted by Tim Bannister - He discusses the retail and small professional coaching market and will mainly focus on the small to medium yacht market. Tim looks into the Why? Who? and How? of yacht painting.

Following the success of the Winter Webinars, we are excited to announce that there will also be a SPRING SEASON OF WEBINARS to enjoy starting in early March.

As a paying ABYA or YDSA member, you have access to an Academy Portal with a personalised log-in and 3 FREE courses which include Risk Assessment, Ladder Safety & Driver Safety. If you haven’t already, just email EVENTS@YBDSA.CO.UK to receive your personal login and start earning your CPD.

As well as the recordings we have a wide range of courses available to you:

Course -  Cost

Brexit Update - £18 Inc VAT

Hull Wrapping£18 Inc VAT

Working Together - £18 Inc VAT

Introduction to Yacht Paint Defects & Failures - £18 Inc VAT

Introduction to Yacht Paint - £18 Inc VAT

MCA Approved Tonnage Measurement Course£125 + VAT

Phishing Emails  - £18 Inc VAT

Risk Assessment - Free

Driver Safety - Free

Ladder Safety - Free







As much as we want to celebrate the work of our existing members with our ‘Member of the Month’ (see below) the YBDSA also want to take a moment to welcome one of our new members to the association - Welcome Petar Vrvilo to the YBDSA! Petar is a Marine Surveyor who joined us in November and is excited to be a part of the YDSA. 

We started by getting to know the history of experience Petar has had so we asked him to introduce himself. To which we found that Peter’s experience with mechanical maintenance started from a very young age working alongside his father

“Since I was born my father had an authorised Volvo car service” so we maintained which also had boats as well (Volvo Penta). During my life, I spent all my free time at our service with my father so I gained a lot of work experience. I went to mechanic technical high school and graduated in 1996 as a mechanic technician. After high school, I enrolled at the faculty of Mechanic Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split, graduating in 2002.”

In 2003 Petar expanded his business to yacht servicing where he also opened a yacht service at Marina Kastela in the town of Kastela which works until today.

“In 2009 I started cooperating with insurance companies as a yacht damage assessor. In 2011 I submitted an application for the status of court expert for the field of mechanical engineering and shipbuilding, and I received it (after the case law) in 2012.”

Petar continues to add that after liaising with insurance companies, he went on to further his studies. In 2013 he enrolled at the Faculty of Maritime Studies at the University of Split where he majored in Naval Engineering, which he completed and obtained the academic title of Master of Naval Engineering.

“During the last 15 years, I have been actively working on servicing and maintaining yachts and in parallel as a court sworn expert and appraiser. I also gained memberships in a couple of recognized institutions (IIMS, IDA, CRS) as well as several specializations across Europe.”

With the multitude of various qualifications and specialising we’re excited to have his skills apart of the membership and with that we ask him what his YDSA Membership means:

“Membership in YDSA is one of the goals that give extra weight to my knowledge and experience in working with yachts. I expect additional learning and acquisition of new levels of knowledge and monitoring of world ships standards. I see my career within the organization as an active member and the near future and as a lecturer in the field of naval engineering where I spent my whole life during which I gained great work experience.”

If you’re also like Petar where you would like to acquire more knowledge and training, please visit our courses and events page to keep up to date with the latest Including our set of Spring Webinars!







This is a new feature of our monthly newsletter which gives our members & us as an association an opportunity to delve deeper into how our members have been navigating their working life during COVID-19.  This month features Dana Stevens from RBS Marine located in Sussex. She has been a Member of ABYA for a few years now and is looking to continue her support for ABYA by being involved in upcoming Training or Marketing Committee groups. We look forward to having her enthusiasm for the association on board! In the meantime, we have asked her questions about how she has been operating her and her partner's Brokerage during the pandemic.

The past year has seen many changes to legislation and regulations across the UK on how the non-essential retail industry can and can't conduct their work, which we know has affected Brokers and Dealers around the UK as well as overseas. We asked Dana ‘How has she and her colleagues adjusted to these recent regulation changes?

“I think we’ve all adjusted quite well. Unfortunately, we’ve had quite a long time to get used to it now, and apart from the initial ‘lockdown’ in March 2020, the loosening and tightening of restrictions have been fairly incremental. It’s difficult during these full lockdowns when you have clients wanting to travel to see boats for recreational purposes and you have to tell them it’s not possible until restrictions are lifted, but having support from ABYA and British Marine with guidelines for brokers means we feel confident we are doing the right thing.”

In the face of adversity, some say the only option is to adapt, and that’s exactly what RBS Marine has done. Dana continues to note

“The use of WhatsApp has certainly increased for us as it’s a great way to send a series of short video clips of a boat to prospective clients without having to worry about the poor signal in marinas trying to do live video calls!”

Continuing to focus on the positives, we asked ‘Is there anything about trading in pandemic conditions that has resulted in a positive change to your business/professional life?

“There does seem to have been an increased interest in boating, with more members of the public thinking of getting a boat as an alternative to overseas travel or property.  The pandemic has also pushed us to increase our focus on our digital and online activities, which I think is a positive thing both for now, but also for the future when things hopefully get back to ‘normal’. We’ve been working throughout the pandemic to improve our SEO, website, image bank and digital marketing. It has however been harder to keep exciting social media content coming through with less happening!”

This pandemic has definitely accelerated the use of digital marketing for businesses, due to its ability to connect the clients to products by bypassing having to be in close contact with one another. RBS Marine shouldn’t be the only company to implement more focus on their Digital Marketing strategy as 46% OF PRODUCT SEARCHES BEGIN ON GOOGLE and  44% OF CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE are spending more time on social networking site’s which opens them up to absorb more information.

We followed on to ask ‘Professionally, what are you most looking forward to being able to do when things return to ‘normal’, and why?’

“Getting people on boats! Although remote sales have been made during the pandemic, particularly with brokerage, it’s very difficult to close deals on new boats and new models based on digital media alone. We’ve missed taking the boats to the boat shows, and also missed taking clients to the Rodman factory in Spain where they can see new models, get out on sea trials in the fantastic Ria de Vigo, and see the attention and quality going into the manufacturing process for themselves.”

To better understand where it is that our members are facing challenges to operate this past year we wanted to ask ‘What has been your biggest challenge whilst working during a pandemic?’  

“Getting new listings - though I’m not sure it’s a pandemic specific issue as getting listings seems to be a continuing problem for brokers even before Coronavirus impacted our lives. I think that one way this could be improved is for more brokers to be open to the idea of working on a co-brokerage or introduction basis. Whilst I fully understand brokers not wanting to share their fees on popular boats when listings are few and far between, co-brokerage represents an opportunity for us to exploit our strengths to give buyers and sellers the very best service. Strengths in this context might be your knowledge on a particular type of vessel or boat brand, your office location or your relationship with a particular client.”

With another Brokers Breakfast Exchange on April 6th which is open to all ABYA Members (FIND THIS IN YOUR MEMBERS AREA UNDER ‘COURSES AND EVENTS’), we wanted to take this opportunity to ask Dana ‘What would you like to ask other ABYA members about their challenges during the pandemic/Brexit etc?

“I have already asked other ABYA members for advice during the pandemic and Brexit, and have been met with very helpful responses; I’ve had advice from senior brokers when I’ve come up against a possible seller default, and helpful conversation with brokers who have been more experienced in particular areas, such as export of new boats.”


We know that many of our members are facing the same challenges due to regulation changes and restrictions so we’ve designed The Breakfast Exchange so our members can have a safe space to share and network information and advice with one another. We also understand that some challenges you face are hard to tell your competitors so we’ll raise these concerns on your behalf – just email them to LALLIE@YBDSA.CO.UK


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