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ABYA members can be brokers, dealers or agents, the essential difference being that a broker acts as an intermediary in a sale between a buyer and a seller, whereas the dealer or agent is usually the owner of the boat for sale, or a representative.

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ABYA MEMBERS - grades and what they mean

Full ABYA members – senior brokers with many years’ experience – usually managers or business owners

Accredited ABYA members – brokers with a number of years’ experience but may be less than senior members, often working with another broker

Trainee ABYA members – have completed the ABYA Professional Yacht Brokerage course and are developing their skills usually working with another more senior broker

Fellow members – Fellowships are awarded at an AGM for services to the Association and are additional to the above grades

Honorary members – awarded at an AGM to retired members and non-members for services to the Association

Boat Sales Qualification – joint industry qualification devised by ABYA and BRBA – BMF’s brokerage and retail group – covering boat sales procedures and knowledge. This is held by a number of ABYA members.

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