Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement

YBDSA has been approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and other authorities to provide Surveys for Tonnage and Measurement.

YBDSA members are authorised by us to undertake these surveys, resulting in a Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement which is sent to the Registry of your choice and is one of the documents you need to register your vessel on Part 1 of the UK Ships Register.  Scroll down for all the forms, fees and payment options.

Registration on Part 1 of the UK Ship Register entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Evidence you own the boat
  • Shows your boat’s nationality
  • Use the boat as security for a marine mortgage
  • Entitles you to protection from the Royal Navy and the services of British Consuls
  • Provides internationally accepted documentation to ease passage to foreign ports
  • Can enhance the re-sale of your vessel
  • Provides evidence of date of build for the EU Recreational Craft Directive (RCD)
  • Ensures that your boat’s name is unique on Part 1

Part 1 Registration requires re-registration every 5 years but does not require a further Survey for Tonnage and Measurement. This is dealt with directly between you and the Registry. A new Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement will be required if there are changes to your vessel (for example, an engine change).

To see more about Part 1 Registration and how to start your application with the UK Ship Register, see the MCA website: https://www.gov.uk/register-a-boat/the-uk-ship-register

The UK Ship Register announced new eligibility criteria from 29 March 2019 - this has been extended to include all Commonwealth countries plus Argentina, Aruba, Bahrain, Brazil, Canary Islands, China, Faroe Islands, Haiti, Israel, Japan, Liberia, Madeira, Marshall Islands, Monaco, Panama, South Korea, Switzerland, Suriname, UAE and USA.

Overseas Registries

YBDSA has also been approved to provide a Certificate of Survey for Tonnage and Measurement for the following overseas registries:

Ensure you tell us which Registry you are registering with so we use the appropriate forms.


For the UK registry
Vessel measured within UK (Fees in this table are outside the scope of VAT)
Price (£ GBP)
Under 15m overall
Over 15m and under 24m Load Line Length
Vessel measured outside UK (Fees in this table are outside the scope of VAT)
Price (£ GBP)
Under 15m overall
Over 15m and under 24m Load Line Length
For Other Registries
Vessel measurement (Fees in this table are outside the scope of VAT)
Price (£ GBP)
Up to 24m Load Line Length
Change of Details
(Fees in this table are outside the scope of VAT)
Price (£ GBP)
Change of Details (e.g. engine change)

Please note - the fees above are the YBDSA administration fee and the survey only. There may be additional expenses such as travel costs, flights, hotels and additional time and these will be quoted for and agreed with you before the survey takes place. Please contact the office to arrange a quote.

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