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ABYA launched its training pathway - the ABYA Academy - in 2019. Various training opportunities are rolled out for members to support their own career progression using online modules, practical events and interactive events online. Members are also able to submit other training activities for consideration towards their pathway, leading ultimately to ABYA professional certification for members. All events count towards the members' Continuous Professional Development points. 

This includes 3 FREE courses available only for Members. For details on the ABYA Academy, see the Academy page.
If you have any questions regarding any of our upcoming events please email events@ybdsa.co.uk 

You can now book the ABYA Professional Yacht Brokerage Course 2022

The long-established ABYA Introduction to Professional Yacht Brokerage course is back this October. Elevate, evolve & enhance your skills with this industry-recognised yacht brokerage course. 26th 27th October 2022 | All-day - 8:45 17:30 GMT. Limited Spaces Available, book now to secure your space. 

After completing our Yacht Broker Course you can apply for 1-year Trainee Membership 

08 Jun 2022
Southampton Football Club | MATTHEW LE TISSIER SUITE

The return of the ABYA Summer Conference on the 8th of June 2022 has an impressive roster of specialised professionals from the UK Government & the Marine Industry.

Taking place In-Person at Southampton Football Club & Online, all marine professionals are welcome to attend and benefit from leading minds in;

  • Code of Practice for IPV Code in temporary commercial use at sea
  • Money Laundering & Yacht & Motorboat new departure and arrival procedures
  • PI Insurance by Paul Winter of Winter & Co.
  • KYC’s importance and an update on Yacht Brokers Pooled Client accounts.
  • & Finance talks by 3 leaders in Marine Finance;

    Mr Kris Garner | CG1 Finance Ltd
    Mr James Crew | Close Brothers Aviation and Marine
    Mr Charlie Merchant | Promarine Finance
    with Q&A

It is essential to keep up to date with the changing regulatory environment that we are all working within. This conference gives you insight into changes direct from the source. Don’t miss this comprehensive day of knowledge & expertise.

Book your space today

26 - 27 Oct 2022
The Solent Hotel & Spa Rookery Avenue Whiteley, Hampshire, PO15 7AJ, UK & Online

ABYA Professional Yacht Brokerage Course 2022: Book your space here

The long-established ABYA Introduction to Professional Yacht Brokerage course is back. Learn, evolve & enhance your skills with this yacht broker course. 26th to 27th October| All day - 8:45 17:30 GMT. Limited Spaces Available, book now to secure your space. 

After completing our Yacht Broker Course you can apply for 1-year Trainee Membership 

Learn the fundamentals of what is involved in becoming a Professional Yacht Broker and gain a step up your career path as a Marine Professional Yacht Broker. Join other ABYA Members working at prestigious brokerages who have also completed this course.

This ABYA Course will offer you the crucial knowledge you need to understand the foundations and diverse workings involved in yacht brokerage. 

The course gives prospective yacht brokers and dealers all the information they need to operate successfully and professionally. It is a cost-effective way for more experienced brokers and dealers to keep well-informed of recent developments and the latest legislation, enabling you to maintain your professional and competitive edge. If you’re looking for a career change in yacht brokerage, this will open new doors to opportunities for you to change direction.

Providing you with topical and instructive presentations covering elements from Marine Law, Insurance and Finance. Course leader Andy Cunningham will lead you through the Brokerage process and be supported by a host of external speakers who are Marine Industry professionals. By learning from experienced specialists in their field, you will have access to a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to support you on your journey.

Find the brochure here

01 Jan 2023

*Paid Member Only* Available any time through ABYA // YDSA Academy This e-learning course will help you spot phishing attacks, which will in turn protect your business. With this course you will: - Know how to identify phishing emails and what to do when you get one - Identify what phishing attacks are designed to do - Review the ways that phishing messages can be sent - Define a number of signs that would make a message suspicious - Spot obvious signs that a message isn’t authentic - Review how a spear phishing message differs from a normal phishing message. The course duration is a maximum of twenty minutes and could save you thousands! Price: £20.00 plus VAT

01 Jan 2023

** MEMBERS ONLY ** Available any time through ABYA // YDSA Academy ** Ross Wombwell, Technical Director at British Marine led the discussions on how Brexit will affect you and your vessels(s) From recent conversations with HMRC, the YBDSA now know that Spain as a Flag State has independently chosen to set restrictions on Non - EU commercial vessels. The impact of these restrictions from cabotage legislation on the commercial sector is discussed in this webinar. If you’re operating a non-commercial vessel then you might be affected by the new VAT regulations that have been put in place for importing vessels. Some of these implications around VAT are explained, with a look into RCD (Recreational Craft Directive). This will include; - The terms of use for temporary stays in some of the EU flag states, - What licence you should be looking at if you’re planning on staying for extended periods - How Cabotage Flag States regulations will affect trade & travel - Tariffs and Quotas - Seafarers Qualifications & - The Returned Goods Relief 2 CPD

01 Jan 2023

** MEMBERS ONLY ** ** Available any time through ABYA // YDSA Academy ** The YBDSA has traditionally been split between Brokers and Surveyors. These two industry professions quite often approach the same task from different perspectives and whilst always trying to work in the best interests of the clients, this doesn’t always mean that they work in harmony all of the time. Sophie Kemp and Julian Smith talk about their experiences of working together and how the different sectors can learn from each other and support each other in each other’s work. Join us to find out more about what a successful working relationship looks like and to give your views on your experiences in working together between Brokers and Surveyors. Our Keynote Speakers for the event are Sophie Kemp, Sailing Yacht Broker at Berthon International & Julian Smith, Marine Surveyor at Hamble Marine Surveys Ltd who will cover all corners of the discussions within the industry. 2 CPD

01 Jan 2023

** MEMBERS ONLY ** ** Available any time through ABYA // YDSA Academy ** Introduction to Yacht Coating Failures and Paint Defects An explanation of the most common types of paint coating system failures we see today on Yachts (large and small) and how we measure or record these failures or coating characteristics. Section One • Above waterline paint defects and failures Section Two • Below waterline paint defects and failures Section Three - Brightwork / Varnish defects and failures Questions and/or Interactive Examples 2 CPD points.

01 Jan 2023

** MEMBERS ONLY ** ** Available any time through ABYA // YDSA Academy ** Tim’s presentation will give a theoretical background about yacht coatings and some practical tips on the most common paint faults to look out for. 2CPD

01 Jan 2023

**Open to All** Ocean Safety is renowned for high-quality customer care and specialises in the worldwide supply, distribution, manufacture, service and hire of marine safety equipment. As marine safety experts, they provide a dedicated service to their customers and represent some of the world’s leading brands in safety and survival, which is just part of their commitment to ensuring their customers’ safety whilst out on the water. The company boasts a diverse range of customers including ship and superyacht builders, round the world racing, cruising yachts and the UK Ministry of Defense.

01 Jan 2023

**FREE** With sustainable investment funds standing up particularly well throughout the coronavirus crisis, Ben Willis, Head of Portfolio Management at Chase de Vere along with Emma McNally, Independent Financial Advisor will host this live webinar. Giving YBDSA Members & Associates an introduction to the world of sustainable investing and how you can invest with your conscience. Investing your money can be an efficient way to start saving for the long term, stocks have the chance to outweigh cash. Over 45 minutes, Ben explores: • The sudden rise of sustainable investments • Explain the differences between Ethical, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Impact investing, • He will also show you how savers can invest money in line with their own beliefs and values, without sacrificing performance. Ben & Emma will close this webinar with an open Q&A, so bring all your questions on how you can start to invest ethically

01 Jan 2023

Hybrid Marine Presents Hybrid Systems WHAT TO EXPECT : An overview of what a Hybrid is, what types of Hybrids are available & understand some of the issues with some of these systems GET TIPS ON: The key components you should be looking for when purchasing or surveying a Hybrid vessel Hybrid Marine has been developing advanced hybrid systems since 2002. Their award-winning patented parallel hybrid systems are the result of extensive research and provide an integrated power and propulsion solution, our systems have found many applications and are well proven. They provide systems for inland canal boats, commercial barges and sailing boats including fast offshore sailing catamarans.

01 Jan 2023

Driver Safety – Management of Occupational Road Risk o Introduction o What’s expected of you as a driver o Safe journey planning o Vehicle familiarisation and checks o While Driving o Breakdowns & accidents

01 Jan 2023

Ladder Safety o Introduction to ladder safety o Legal responsibilities o Risk assessment o Using ladders safety o Inspection, Maintenance and storage

01 Jan 2023

Risk Assessment o Introduction o Hazards, risks and controls o Assessing risk in the workplace o Frequently asked questions o Case study

01 Apr 2023

Pre-Recoding comes with: - Unlimited Access to Webinar - HPI-CE Proof Presentation on RCR/RCD - Access to the Q&A recording of the webinar Alastair presents how the changes made to Recreational Craft Regulations, now Recreational Craft Directive post-Brexit, have and continue to affect importing and exporting recreational vessels between the UK, EU and a growing number of non-EU countries.

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