Coronavirus Advice for Members

Published: 11 March 20


This is a concern to us all and we need to be vigilant.  However let’s not panic.

Have you considered doing a video tour of the boats you have for sale (if you don’t already) so your clients don’t need to go into a marina or travel.  

When you visit a boat discourage the owner or the potential buyer from being with you.

Travel to boats in your own car/van – which you generally do anyway.

  • When you pick up the keys from the marina office consider wearing gloves to touch the keys and/or have some antiseptic wipes in your bag to wipe them – keys are touched by any number of people.
  • When you meet someone don’t shake hands, don’t hug or kiss them – do the ‘Elbow Bump’.
  • If you cough or sneeze, do so into a paper tissue and put it in a bin.
  • Make and take payments by card electronically so you or clients do not need to go into a town to visit the bank

If you know you have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus or you are experiencing the symptoms yourself, then be sensible – stay away from other people.  It may not make you very unwell but you could pass it on to someone whose health is more vulnerable than yours.

If you have returned from any of the countries that have been identified as having raised levels of infection by the virus keep your contact with others to a minimum.  The countries are listed on the Government website together with more advice.

See the Government advice at

We are going ahead with the YDSA and ABYA conferences as of this morning, but do keep an eye on the websites for HMS Belfast (YDSA) or Harbour Hotel, Southampton (ABYA) in case they close their facilities and we do not have time to contact you.

Be vigilant and be sensible is the best advice for all of us.

Thank you all.
Jane Gentry

11 March 2020



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