Published: 02 October 2023



What you should expect...

  • Your role on the Committee is for 1 year
  • Typically, there is a Committee Meeting once every quarter which you would be expected to attend
  • Your thoughts, insight, experience, education, and enthusiasm will play a key role in moving industry related issues forward
  • CPD points will be awarded for attendance


What is the purpose of submitting a bio?

Providing a short bio when submitting your Committee application form allows your fellow Members to understand who you are and what you can bring to your Association’s Committee.

This is your chance to showcase you at your best – as a Member, as an industry expert, and your ambitions to help shape your Association for the better.


How to write your bio…

Please consider writing a short paragraph for each bullet point below. (Nb: These are just guidelines so please feel free to adapt as you see fit.)

Word limit: 200 to 400 words

  • A bit about you
  • Your Membership history
  • Your career background
  • Why you wish to stand for your Committee
  • What you will be able to bring/offer to the Committee


Here is an example we have put together for your guidance:

It is with great pleasure I put my name forward for the position of xx on the ABYA, YDSA or YDSA-CA Committee.

I have been an ABYA/YDSA/YDSA CA Member for xx years, having originally starting off as a Trainee/Affiliate Member and then making my way through the Membership levels before becoming a Full Member.

My journey with ABYA/YDSA/YDSA CA has been one I have enjoyed immensely. I have regularly attended various training opportunities set up by the Association – including in-person training and online webinars, for example. I have learnt much over the years from the different events and from my fellow Members who have generously shared their knowledge and experience on these occasions. All of which has gone a long way in my personal career development and progression.

With such inspiration, I also put myself forward to speak and share my own expertise at a recent training day. This was a great pleasure and I hope the attendees enjoyed it as much as I did.

As a bit of background to my career history, I have been working in the marine industry for over xx years. I started as a... My business now includes...

As my own business continues to grow and develop, with much thanks to the support of the Association, I would be delighted to lend a helping hand to the Association by sitting on the Committee. There is no doubt about it, the Association is moving in a positive forward direction, which is fantastic to see, and I would very much like to be part of the next stage of its journey.

I believe my extensive business insights, knowledge of the Association (due to being a longstanding proactive Member), as well previous experience from sitting on other Committee Boards, will put me in a strong position to help guide and shape the Association and effectively represent the voices of fellow Members.

I have (what I believe!) are some ambitious and exciting ideas as to how the Association can continue to flourish. So, I look forward to sharing these if I am lucky enough to be voted in.


How to apply for a position on your Committee:

Please fill in the relevant Nomination Form for your Association. This can be found by:


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: We ask all nominations to be submitted before the 6th November 2023. All applications submitted by this date will appear on the website prior to the AGM on the 27th November 2023.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Association Coordinator:




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