New digital System Introduced to UK Ships Registry

Published: 14 October 20

Since the 14th the UK Ship Register has released a UKSR Portal which offers a digitalised way of self-serve capability to register a new vessel and to renew registration, owners of Commercial, Fishing, Pleasure boats and Bareboat Charters can also provisionally check a vessels name and request transcripts online

The introduction of this portal will mean less administration for the UKSR team which will inevitably result in faster processing times for vessels registered with the UK Flag and allow them to upload all associated documents to one place and even make payments for services online.

Last year the UK Ship Register was integrated into a wider directorate delivering world class maritime services to the UK Fleet, headed by director Katy Ware. UKSR's aim with the new Red Ensign is to unite all services operating under the logo and to reflect the modern international service. 

Katy Ware expressed “As we modernise and improve our services we’ve updated our brand to reflect our international ambition and commitment to grow. We’ve united the services flag bearers have access to under the Red Ensign, so ship owners and seafarers receive a consistent, world leading service.”

If you are already registered to with the UK Ship Register, then you will have already been contacted or will be, as part of the usual renewals process to set up an account with provided guidance on the new system.

"The approach is part of a wider modernisation program at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency which will benefit customers of the UK Ship Register." - UKSR

To find our how you can start your digital registration portal click here  

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