Email Scam - Pretending to be from YBDSA

Published: 29 October 19

We have had reports of emails being sent out pretending to be from ABYA, YDSA or YBDSA. In this specific case, from Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents Team. This is not from us.

How do I know this isn't legitimate?

In this case, other than the general style and tone of the email, there are two giveaways in the email itself this is not from us:

  1. Despite the text in the "From" part of the email, you'll see that the actual email address it came from is not one of ours, in fact it's a yahoo email address.
  2. If you hover over (or long click) the link, it's taking you to a random website, not one of ours or Dropbox. Even if it was taking you to Dropbox, be very cautious as the files contained may not be legitimate.

I use an internet browser that has some security checks built in. In this case, the website the link tries to take you to has already been reported and it stopped me going any further.


How can I protect myself?

  1. Never click on links to random websites received in emails.
  2. Check the link you have been provided that it takes you where it should - Different email clients have different ways of doing this, such as hovering your pointer over the link or tap and hold the link for the pop-up commands to show.
  3. Be cautious of which websites you provide login details to - If it's a link provided in an email you don't 100% trust, never provide personal information or login details.
  4. Use a good security product on your device. Some security products have a website monitor that looks in a database of known scam sites and warns you (doesn't know about new scam sites).
  5. If you think you've provided login details, change your passwords for any accounts you may have provided.

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