Viewing yachts safely during the Covid-19 pandemic

Published: 19 May 20

Covid-19 guidelines for clients on boat viewings


The Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents – the professional association for yacht brokers in the UK - has issued its members with guidelines for viewings as everyone needs to take great care still.  A boat cabin is a small enclosed space.  Even though some easing of restrictions has started in some areas of the UK we need to ensure we don’t create a second wave.  Our guidance therefore applies to all parties so we keep you safe too.

Start by having a look at the videos of boats available on most brokers’ website – they are a great way to get a better idea of what you like and could save you a number of journeys;  when you have narrowed down your search the broker will be pleased to discuss your needs so he or she can advise you on the most appropriate boat to view; for your own safety you should not be booking viewings unless you are in a position to proceed with a purchase.

Our brokers are advised to allow 72 hours between viewings, giving any pathogens time to die; they are also advised not to accompany you on the viewing. The broker will open the boat up and close it afterwards.  That way you/your family group, who must all be from the same household and usually a maximum of two people, can go onboard.  We ask you leave the boat unlocked and advise the broker by phone when you have left the boat if he is not in sight of you.


  • Discuss your needs with the broker and book an appointment - your broker will then know you are serious with your search and can advise on finance too
  • Ensure you are in a position to proceed with the purchase
  • Maintain a 2m social distance from anyone not in your family group
  • Take and wear gloves and a protective face covering
  • Take your own pen and paper to make any notes
  • Take a bottle of water as you may not be able to buy one
  • Take a bottle of sanitiser or anti-bac wipes


  • Turn up announced – most brokers are not allowing turn-up viewings and if others have been on the boat in the last few hours it is not safe for you to go onboard
  • Touch anything if you can possibly help it
  • Put yourself at risk – better to wait a few more weeks
  • Go on a viewing if you or anyone in your family group has Covid-19, or has symptoms or anyone in your family group is in the high-risk category




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