YBDSA AGM January 2023 Report - ABYA Chairman, Peter Norris

Published: 21 February 2023

As outlined in my ABYA 2022 Annual Chairmans Report there are a handful of ongoing challenges which we are aiming to bring closure to this year - in particular: 

  • The issue of UK VAT being charged on vessel purchased before the 31st December 2020 on their return to the UK and,  
  • The updating of the UK’s anti-money laundering regulations to make having a Pooled Client Account easier for ABYA Brokers. 

As well as pushing forward on the above, we would like to deliver the following in 2023: 

1. A review of the current ABYA brokerage course - with a view to designing and delivering three separate courses/modules. These will include:  

  • An introduction course for people who are new to the industry 
  • An intermediate course for people who have been actively involved in the industry 
  • An advanced course for those who have been involved in the industry for a long period of time 

All of these courses will have a written assessment at the end. 

2. A new and robust complaints process to handle the increased number of complaints being received and to enable the work associated with investigating these complaints to be shared amongst committee members.  

3. A review of the current on-line ABYA application system and process to ensure that it is fit for purpose and robust. This is needed to help not only new members apply but to make the process of upgrading from a Trainee to an Accredited Member, and from Accredited Member to Full Member easier and more cost effective for the association.  

4. A series of six short webinars to help existing brokers refresh and update their knowledge and skills each lasting no more than an hour; ideally one every other month. This will include such areas as updates on new navigation equipment; re-cycling of yachts, motorboats and sails; changes to current motorboat and yacht insurance requirements with the introduction of Lithium batteries, as well as sail materials and design. 

5. A series of Breakfast Exchanges to encourage experienced and new brokers to share their knowledge and obtain industry updates. These will include discussions on changes that are being developed to enable brokers to provide a self-service British Ships Part 1 and SSR registration service. 

6. A review of the current CPD points system and number of CPD points required each year to ensure that ABYA brokers maintain and develop their level of professionalism. 

7. Identify and co-op new and younger brokers to the current ABYA committee to ensure a successful and robust succession planning process is in place to move people from broker to committee member, to director, and ultimately president. 

As I am sure you will appreciate the delivery of the above seven key areas is going to be a massive challenge. If you are interested in supporting your committee with any of these seven key projects, please email me. Your support is always welcomed with open arms. 


Peter Norris, ABYA Chairman

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