YBDSA AGM January 2023 Report - CA Chairman, Ben Sutcliffe-Davies

Published: 21 February 2023

2023 is going to be an interesting year for the YDSA Certifying Authority (CA); particularly as the current MCA audit completes,  highlighting some areas of ‘how we operate’ that will need some attention.  

Firstly, I would like to welcome Ross Wombwell to the association as our new Technical Specialist. Ross will be working through a number of important tasks to help improve and protect the association, its coding surveyors and obviously ensuring our client base is better protected and kept better informed too.  

One area that we must deal with is our ability to demonstrate to the MCA how we monitor and agree what surveyors are allowed to code. This is very important, especially with the introduction of Workboat 3 looming and the rewriting of the colour codes into the proposed Sports and Pleasure code. In the near future, we hope to circulate to current CA surveyors a new coding matrix that we will endorse and confirm what's permitted to each individual surveyor. It's important to then work within the permitted matrix; with any changes outside it discussed and resolved in advance. 

I appreciate we had some criticisms related to the exam surveyors were asked to undertake. Additionally, more wide spread questions have developed across all the codes. So we have taken these onboard and are using the results to help us identify what training is needed in the future.  

I'm pleased to also announce another new team member, James Brown, who will be joining us as Training Coordinator. His expertise will offer benefits to the association as a whole. 

The committee are working hard to help deliver a good and safe CA for all. We have a dedicated group monitoring and ensuring that the documents received are correct and safe for all parties.  


Ben Sutcliffe-Davies, CA Chairman

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