YBDSA Bulletin - Issue 01

Published: 09 April 20


We are still open and working for our Members during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Even during normal operation we are here to help our Members through their day-to-day challenges. Whether that is a VAT enquiry, an issue with legal ownership or disseminating an MCA Safety Bulletin... We are here to help your business work.

Now, more than ever, we are on hand to go the extra mile for our Members to ensure that you, and the industry at large, can work through our new challenges and come out of the other side in the best shape possible.

To that end, we are gathering useful information for you in regular bulletins. We are also working on providing you with some free on-line training opportunities so you can get yourself up to speed on what is on offer towards your CPD. There will be no excuse for not having enough CPD points this year! Please see below the items for the first issue of the YBDSA Bulletin.

Jane Gentry - CEO of YBDSA
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John Hamilton, your YDSA Chairman

Well, what a pickle! Cruising along this year thinking that work was coming in nicely and the usual spring surge would have me rushed off my feet again. Well that was a few weeks ago. Where I am, all yards and sailing clubs are in lockdown and no doubt it will be much the same wherever you are operating. Or at the moment not operating.

The YBDSA office is closed and the girls are all working from home. How it’s organised I don’t know but if you phone the office it rings with one of the girls at home and they can transfer you to whoever you want to speak to in their home. Probably not magic, but certainly technical wizardry.

Anyway the point is the office is closed but the YBDSA is open for business even if we aren’t. The support you would normally get from the YBDSA office is still available. Please look out for e-mail notifications regarding the ongoing operation of coding and tonnage. I don’t think Jane envisaged the last few weeks of her CEO role would pan out like this. Credit to all the office staff for organising things so well and so quickly.

Work is still ongoing on training modules and the YDSA Academy. If you are looking for things to do why not go inline and check out the modules currently available or read up on latest developments in our field. Our enforced idleness might be just the time to catch up on CPD.

This is going to be a really testing time of most of us if not all. I am not sure how we can best support each other through this, any suggestions welcome. Stay safe.


These would normally be sent out during May for payment by 30th June for membership renewal on 1st July. However, we are extending the payment date to 1st September and will keep these terms under review, depending on when restrictions are lifted.

We know most of you are not able to earn money at present. We will need you to send in your evidence that you hold PI and your Undertaking before 30th June though please – most of you will have renewed earlier in the spring. Watch out for our letter towards the end of May.



Although this does not mention boat sales, the information is very relevant to ABYA Members. In a legal situation your reliance on use of this guidance would stand you in good stead. It should also reassure your clients that you are acting on the best Government guidelines available to you.


There is a lot of information out about this. Most accountants have issued advice, and below is a link to the advice from the YBDSA accountants, Roffe Swayne which seems comprehensive.

This link also includes information on reporting deadlines, information on carrying-forward of holiday which staff cannot take due to the current situation, etc


Most Councils have now sent out information on how to reclaim your business rates, including eligibility, etc. This is set against the rateable value of your property, so is potentially relevant to brokers with offices and any surveyors, designers or associates who pay business rates. Details can be found in the Government Guidance to Councils so you can check with your local Council for what they are offering and when.

If you haven’t heard from your local Council, then have a look on their website for details of what may be available to you. There are two grants available:

Small Business Grants - a one-off grant of £10,000 to businesses that pay little or no businesses rates
Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grants - provides businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors with a cash grant of up to £25,000 per property
Businesses will need to have the following details to hand:

  • Business Rates bill
  • Bank details
  • VAT registration number (optional)
  • Company registration number (optional)


The new ABYA Website was launched several weeks ago and includes a new and improved FIND A BOAT - https://abya.co.uk/boat-search/ All your boats that are listed with The Yacht Market will be shown here. Do ensure you are included and let us know if you are missing!

The ABYA Chairman, Peter Norris, is tweeting a different member’s boat each day – follow us on @ABYA_UK.

We are also working with TYM on a way of offering a daily featured boat on the website. Watch this space for more information!


Peter Norris contacted the various portals to ask for some support for ABYA members at this time with varying responses. If you have not been in touch with your portal then do talk to them about how they may be able to support you with additional deals, or extended terms, etc.


Through your Trainer Bubble login (go to the website and reset your password if you have forgotten it) you can access the following 3 Health & Safety modules which are FREE OF CHARGE TO MEMBERS:

  • Risk Assesssment
  • Driver Awareness
  • Ladder Training


The current situation is unprecedented – we must be grateful that we have so many means of reaching out to each other – email, telephone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc. Why not set up a group of your local brokers and/or surveyors – use this opportunity to get to know each other a little better. We are all usually so busy that we don’t make time for each other. Now is your chance.


If you have an idea about anything we can do to support you, then let us know. We are doing what we can but we won’t have thought of everything. And we love to hear from you – whether by phone or email. We like to think of the YBDSA as a family – let’s keep the family network going to help us all through this together.


Don’t forget it is Easter this weekend. The weather forecast is good, so you can still get out in your garden and enjoy the sunshine. The tantalising smell of barbecue has already gone over my garden from somewhere nearby! Don’t forget the Hot Cross Buns and the chocolate eggs … Brokers especially, you will be home – so you can join in the Easter egg hunt in the garden instead of working this year! What’s not to love?



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