YBDSA Bulletin - Issue 04 - ABYA & YDSA Members update

Published: 14 May 20


As we receive information that is pertinent to our Members we are adding it to the ABYA Website and to the YDSA Website respectively. Below are the latest updates and some other items to help you through these tough times.

Thank you all for the lovely messages I have been receiving from you ahead of my impending retirement on 29 May. Bas Edmonds is joining us on 01 June - logistics still to be organised on how we work in the office – fortunately there is a fair amount of space in our ‘warehouse’. I will be staying to help Bas into the job of course. I know you will welcome him wholeheartedly and support him as you have supported me over the years (almost 20 of them!). It has been an honour and a privilege to work with you all. Watch out for the post-Covid-19 leaving party!

Quick reminder about forms and payments - Please complete forms and payments online. Do not send cheques or forms in the post to the office.
Jane Gentry - CEO of YBDSA



The scheme helps small and medium-sized businesses to borrow between £2,000 and up to 25% of their turnover. The maximum loan available is £50,000.

The government guarantees 100% of the loan and there won’t be any fees or interest to pay for the first 12 months. After 12 months the interest rate will be 2.5% a year.

This is available to companies established in the UK prior to 1 March 2020.This could be an ideal opportunity to consolidate any outstanding loans you may have into a very low interest rate (applicable only after 12 months) and could save your business £’s. If you have cash flow issues at the moment and/or existing loans on which you could pay a lower interest rate, this could be very helpful for your business. Talk to your accountant if you have queries.


The latest announcement is that this is to continue to be available until the end of October and that furloughed staff may be able to return part-time. Details will be available on the Gov.uk website shortly.


These are normally due for payment by 30 June.  As mentioned in an earlier Bulletin, we are extending the payment date by 3 months to 30 September.  You can pay in 3 monthly instalments if you wish, using the normal online system.  PI is still required by 30 June. 

So watch out for your renewal coming through on the email by the end of May!


Due to the change in tone of the advice from the Government, some marinas and yards are now allowing boat owners to go onto their premises to check their boats.  In some cases boat owners will be able to use their boats but each marina has its own challenges with the return to work, so you must check with them what you can do before setting out.

The Government guidance is all-encompassing for boats and whilst it is easy to pop a kayak on the roof of your car, it is less easy to put boats that are still on hard-standing back in the water, operate locks, etc.  Public facilities such as toilets and showers may be closed.  Social distancing must still be observed.

Brokers in particular should be aware that the Government Guidelines are that non-essential retail sales may re-open on 1 June and Surveyors should be aware that more boat owners will therefore be present and act accordingly.  The Guidance Notes, in the Members' Area of the website, include advice on social distancing.

Brokers - ensure you have suitable signs up at your door as to numbers of people in the office at one time, to be from the same household, etc – whatever works for the size of your office, and have hand sanitiser available inside the door.  Do not be afraid to ask people to wait outside.

Surveyors – ensure it is clear you are on a boat working.  Do not allow anyone else onto the boat ‘to have a little look around’ or potential buyers to watch your survey.  Ensure you have hand sanitiser in your pocket or bag and only touch boats and keys wearing gloves.  You may also wish to wear a mask.  Many surveyors have face covers for when they scrape off anti-fouling from underneath – consider wearing this throughout the survey.  Do refer to the Risk Assessment and Guidance notes as mentioned below.


We have prepared various documents including Declarations for Employees and Clients to sign for ABYA and YDSA members.  These are now located in the Members’ area of your website ready for you to download.


Certifying Authority clients and surveyors are reminded of the opportunity to extend their certificate for 3 months if it falls due during the current crisis.  This also extends to LSAs.  The YDSA is offering this extension free of charge to boat owners and operators.  Go to the YDSA website and follow the link at the top of the page to ‘Coronavirus’.  The application form and other information are all available under MIN 612 plus other relevant information to this crisis.
Surveyors – please refer to the Portal to check if any of your clients are likely to need to use this facility but may not have noticed it is available.  They need to apply before the certificate runs out.


Although the Government has apparently taken their eye off the Brexit-ball it is still lurking in the wings.
This information came in an update from Avalara regarding registration for Belgium post-Brexit. Currently they are offering a discount. So if you trade with Belgium see the link below.


Avalara (as do others) helps with the appointment of representatives, so if you are going to need this service after Brexit now could be the time to do some research for the EU countries that you do trade with. If we crash out with no deal on 31 December you will need to be prepared to deal with whatever comes at us after that. The Avalara website is written in understandable language for those of us who are not tax experts!


We are delighted to tell you that we have signed an MOU for collaboration between British Marine and ABYA regarding development of a Boat Sales career pathway and training curriculum. This will build on the previous Boat Sales Qualification material and be part of the ABYA Academy training programme. ABYA Training Consultant Duncan Weeks has worked with Blue Davies from BM to set up this MOU and we look forward to working with BM to support the yacht brokers in our memberships.


Following the ABYA Zoom meeting as requested we have prepared an Annex 3 for the S&P Agreement for you to use when preparing any S&P Agreements at this time. This is located in the Members’ Area of the ABYA website.


Rightboat tell us they have launched a great competition so please feel free to enter and share here: https://www.rightboat.com/gb/competition/SailGP-August2020 They want to try and create some cheer in these difficult times! Thank you Nicky!


Spare a thought for the seafarers who have been trapped on vessels around the world for weeks. IMO is now bringing forward plans to help the situation. It’s difficult enough being at home but being on a ship in the middle of the ocean, or worse still in sight of land but you can’t go there, must be so hard. The mental health of these seafarers is of great concern.

So let those of us who are safely at home and able to isolate by going out into our gardens, walk or run in the park and go the shops with social distancing, count our blessings and continue to stay safe as restrictions start to be lifted. Continue to be vigilant so that our community and economy can begin to revive and we avoid a second wave. Which could be followed by a third wave if we are not sensible.

Thank you to all YBDSA members who have continued to work as far as possible, who are taking precautions for themselves and their clients and are keeping in touch with the office. It’s good to hear your voices!


We hope you have had a look at the books we reviewed in the first three bulletins – how about looking into this one – it is a fascinating insight into the search for longitude. Just think what it was like to try and navigate before we knew how to calculate it! No pocket watches…

‘Longitude – the story of the genius who solved the greatest scientific problem of his time’ – written by Dava Sobel and available from the many online outlets. The latest edition has an introduction by astronaut Neil Armstrong. John Harrison was a Yorkshire carpenter turned clockmaker. The competition was fierce and this is a compelling read, especially for those with a maritime interest.


I am always surprised that so few people know how Tabs work on their pc. It is very easy and is invaluable to line-up your indented paragraphs, so here’s how while you have time to practice.

Tabs is the key top left with arrows pointing left and right. Set yourself up with a document you don’t mind playing with and at the start of a paragraph press the key and see what it does. Saves all that pressing of the space bar! If you want the whole of the paragraph to be indented then just press Ctrl T together. If you want to cancel the tabs, just press 'Ctr'l + 'Q' together. (Q = quit)

If you want to find out if a document has been tabbed properly or someone has used the space bar press the backwards P in the top ribbon (it’s called a Pilcrow). It shows all the layout instructions which can be helpful if you want to amend something and can’t see what has been done before.

Don’t forget that Word has different report layouts available that you can choose to make your reports look professional. Spend some time having a play with these to see how they work and what you like, while you potentially have a little time in hand. Don’t forget to add in your Association logo!


THANK YOU to those of you who have sent me lists of the birds you have seen and heard! What a wonderful spring it has been. I know there is reported to be a shortage of starlings – I don’t think they have looked in my garden! It is mobbed. Noisy lot but full of life. What’s not to love! (And half a coconut can be demolished in the shortest possible time!)


Colin died 11 March 2020 aged 93.  A former member of the YDSA and YBDSA President he was well-known and well-liked across the industry.  He had a twinkle in his eye that those who knew him will remember!

He will be missed by many and we are thankful for his significant contribution to the marine world which is much richer for the incredible contributions that he made as a designer and adventurer, and particularly he will be remembered for his work with Tall Ships. 



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