YBDSA Bulletin - Issue 05 - ABYA & YDSA Members update

Published: 29 May 20


This is my final Bulletin during the Coronavirus pandemic. It has been unusual producing these instead of the bi-monthly newsletters. I do hope you have found them helpful for the specific information on what was happening in the marine industry during this very strange period. I also hope that some of you have looked more at the birds in your garden or read one (or more of the books) we have reviewed. We tried to include other items as we thought everyone needed to be able to look away from Coronavirus for a while as it otherwise became all-consuming.  Keeping a sense of proportion is important at difficult times.

I wish you all good fortune on your way through and out of this pandemic and that all your businesses will recover in due course. It has been an honour and a privilege to work with you all for the past 20 years. I hand over to Bas Edmonds in the certain knowledge that he is keen to get started, to learn about you and to move forward with you all, to take the next steps in the journeys of the Associations.

Bon Voyage!

Jane Gentry - CEO of YBDSA


Correction to Bulletin 4 – in error this stated the 3 month extension for subscription payments would be up to 30th September. This should have been 30th August.  Normally they would have been due by the end of June. However, your PI is needed by the end of June so please forward your evidence and signed Undertaking to Kay as soon as it comes through in the membership documentation which will be with you any day now.


I mentioned Bas Edmonds, your new CEO, above.  I know he will introduce himself in due course, but as a brief outline he worked at the RYA for 12 years including overseeing their Certifying Authority and has been at the MCA for 16 months in their Codes department. 

So he has a great insight into coding work, which will be a great benefit to our Certifying Authority. He has many contacts across the industry so look forward to some new names and faces appearing at training events.

Now we have all learned better how to do on-line training and meetings I feel sure there will be more to come which will be great for those of you who live further afield.


Financial Well-Being
Look out for notification of the Chase de Vere webinar on Financial Well-Being. Chase de Vere are the pension providers for the staff at YBDSA and they are offering a free consultation to members. Everyone has struggled financially in some way over the past months, so book onto the FREE webinar and get some insight into what you can do to help yourself at this time.

Health and Safety – don’t forget there are 3 FREE modules for members to do.  If you can’t find your login don’t worry – go to the Members Area of the website – click on the link and use Forgotten Password.  They cover Risk Assessments, Ladder Training and Driver Awareness.

Yacht Paints – Many thanks to Tim Bannister at Akzo Nobel for providing an online training on yacht paints last week.  The feedback was that it was a very interesting session.  Part 2 will be along soon …

Stability – this had to be postponed when Coronavirus came along.  We are re-visiting it to see if there is something we can do online perhaps with a practical follow up later.

CA Training Day – normally held on the Wednesday of the Southampton Boat Show we have cancelled the booking and will let you know what we will be doing instead in due course.  This may take the form of individual presentations online. 


All our guidance has been put up on the ABYA and YDSA websites in our Bulletins or as stand alone guidance – follow the Coronavirus link at the top of the home page.  These have covered:

  • Government financial support schemes
  • Brokerage permitted alongside access to marinas being lifted for private boat owners
  • Guideline for ABYA and YDSA members on website including:
    • Guidance on viewings
    • Guidance on surveys
    • Guidance on BSS examinations

Lifting of travel restrictions - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-travellers-exempt-from-uk-border-rules - has just been issued.  
If you have an insistent client either about viewings or attending a survey, do use our guidelines to show them that you are doing what your industry body recommends.


Here's what the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 says:
British ships and United Kingdom ships.
(1)A ship is a British ship if—
(a)the ship is registered in the United Kingdom under Part II; or
(b)the ship is, as a Government ship, registered in the United Kingdom in pursuance of an Order in Council under section 308; or
(c)the ship is registered under the law of a relevant British possession; or
(d)the ship is a small ship other than a fishing vessel and—
   (i)is not registered under Part II, but
   (ii)is wholly owned by qualified owners, and
   (iii)is not registered under the law of a country outside the United Kingdom.

(2)For the purposes of subsection (1)(d) above
- “qualified owners” means persons of such description qualified to own British ships as is prescribed by regulations made by the Secretary of State for the purposes of that paragraph; and
- “small ship” means a ship less than 24 metres in length (“length” having the same meaning as in the tonnage regulations).

(3)A ship is a “United Kingdom ship” for the purposes of this Act (except section 85 and 144(3)) if the ship is registered in the United Kingdom under Part II (and in Part V “United Kingdom fishing vessel” has a corresponding meaning).


Mark Ellyatt at Williams & Smithells has sent us a selection of free webinars for you all to start dreaming about Blue Water Cruising again. Click the image below to visit the W&S page for all the details.


We have mentioned this a couple of times, and if you have already notified us, then we have you covered.  But if you would like to be included on the Noble Marine website listing as a YDSA surveyor please let either Kay or Alex know.

We can feed the information from our database to theirs but we need your permission under GDPR to do that.  Noble Marine is a specialist marine insurer for a wide range of craft.  https://www.noblemarine.co.uk/


Don’t cover your ears and go ‘LA LA LA’!   We have been able to boost our Twitter activity over the past months, mostly thanks to Peter Norris, the ABYA Chairman.  Do find ABYA and/or YDSA and follow them.

You can ‘Like’ things, or comment on them, or simply note them.  Many people, especially younger ones, increasingly look at social media to find out about anything and everything.  Help us keep ABYA and YDSA active and visible which in turn will support your businesses.


This is a very personal, final book choice from me as this is my last bulletin.

‘I HEARD THE OWL CALL MY NAME’ by Margaret Craven.  Set in the mid-20th century it is the story of a young Anglican priest sent to a First Nation tribe in British Columbia, how he learns to live with them and how to deal with what he eventually discovers is a terminal illness.  I urge you to read it and share it.  It is a beautiful book that will move you to tears.  But you will also learn so much about what is a disappearing culture.

If you watched Jago Cooper’s first programme of a series last week – Masters of the Pacific Coast – The Tribes of the American Northwest - then this is a must-read for you.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07m771x



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