YDSA CA Newsletter June 2023

Published: 28 June 2023

As many of you know we have been working on several important reforms for the systems and support for CA Surveys.  

Since October, the Committee, the team at the Glassworks, have been working hard in up-dating and delivering a new Policy Procedures Manual. This is now online and is a live document. (NB: Please do not save or download this document as you won’t be aware of any future updates.)  

As best practice, please thoroughly check the online procedures system and re-check the codes before contacting CA Team with any questions.  

CA Webinars: There are certainly many changes now heading our way over the approaching WB3, and soon, the Sports and Pleasure Code. Ross Wombwell, our Technical Specialist, has run several webinars online regarding these topics. These informative webinars take place twice a month. If you have not been able to join the webinars, recordings can be made available (at a minimal cost of £15 a presentation). However, the Policy Procedures presentation is free! I would strongly urge you to join and/or watch the webinars as soon as practicably possible.   

Seawork and WB3: The team at the Glasswork’s, along with myself, represented the YDSA CA at Seawork which took place between June 13-15.  Of particular note was the MCA presentation by Rob Taylor last week on WB3. There were a significant number of operators and representatives from the various CA’s also in attendance at this talk and we were all able to listen and provide our comments on the planned timetable of WB3. Currently the plan is to get the draft finalised, reviewed by their legal team, and then put before Parliament before the end of the year. We have been assured that as soon as the Code has passed legal, it will be circulated to stakeholders.  

At Seawork, I also started a conversation with a number of other CA’s over attempts to try and harmonise our stability forms across the industry. We are hoping to try and get some agreement between the CA’s before the WB3 is made law.  

Reminder: before you start a new five-year term for a client, they must submit an SCV1 BEFORE YOU ATTEND. This is now available online on the YDSA website. Clients can pay online too.  

Updated docs: Please be aware there are several new and amended forms for the SCV2. We would like to draw your attention to the fact there is a separate form for the Workboat Code (we will not accept the normal SCV2). NB: there are some significant changes which are important to take note of. Please DO NOT submit any of the old forms as we will have to reject them. These sorts of issues are repeatedly picked up by the MCA at our audits. 

Please also ensure you ask the owner to: 

  • Initial any ‘B’ items on the condition checks and,  
  • Sign the back page (and scan that over as well) 

We have produced a helpful check list of items required before sending in the forms. We ask this is adhered to wherever possible.  

Photo evidence: We must have several photos of the vessel and relevant paperwork in one go to try and reduce the amount of holding on to files at checking. Before submitting, please re-read your forms as sometimes there are very basic errors that need amending and will delay processing of the forms.  

Workboat: For any workboat used for lifting, regardless of weight, it is essential to have the correct stability information provided. 

R.I.B’s: Whenever undertaking any stability work with sponsons deflated, vessel heeled and swamp test (if not undertaken when and where allowed by calculation), please ensure you do your best to evidence the tests with photos. We need evidence for audit by the MCA. Also be aware of MOB recovery as well.  

Surveyors Matrix: When undertaking coding surveys please make sure you are working within your approved matrix. It is far better to ask about amending or asking for an ‘ok’ before undertaking a job rather than have the craft rejected due to the matrix not being approved that you work within. If in doubt, please ask! 


On behalf of the Committee, I would like to thank all CA surveyors for their efforts in supporting the YDSA CA. I am very aware of how many of us have been having difficulties with items at checking.  

To be honest, since becoming Chair in October, I had not been aware of how many incidents occur each week and the sorts of issues that develop from: vessel accidents, investigations and incidents to vessels that are then being boarded, audited, and become suspended. Many of these incidents being due to issues that are sometimes simple deficiencies.  

Your committee and CA team are here for you, and we always welcome any feedback. I’ve spoken to many of you recently and welcome your views and ideas.  

Any topic areas you want to see for training we are happy to consider. Currently, I am hoping to see some training in October/November once we know more on WB3.  

I will be at the Southampton International Boat Show in September. You can find me running the foredeck stage again for British Marine. I’m always pleased to meet face-to-face during the show.  

Kind regards, 

Ben Sutcliffe-Davies  

YDSA CA Chair on behalf of The YDSA CA Committee. 

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