There are 3 grades of membership:

Full ABYA Membership

Senior brokers with many years’ experience – usually managers or business owners.

Accredited ABYA Membership

Brokers with a number of years’ experience but may be less than senior members, often working with another broker.

Trainee ABYA Membership

Have completed the ABYA Yacht Brokerage Course and are developing their skills usually working with another more senior broker.

Other Membership and Recognition

Fellow Membership
Fellowships are awarded at an AGM for services to the Association and are additional to the above grades.

Honorary Membership
Awarded at an AGM to retired members and non-members for services to the Association.

Associate Membership
Associate members are professional organisations or individuals who offer services which are complementary to the membership of YBDSA, such as marine insurance, law, finance or in technical areas. Associates are listed on our website and are welcome at Association events at the discounted member rate.

If you wish to become an Associate Member, please contact us using the details below.

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